Thursday, September 8, 2011

Call me so late!

Hei, i miss my big A :)

And i cant wait to see him tomorrow and going to bandung with his family.. :D

We'll going to bandung to attend his cousin's wedding reception.. And for that moment, i have prepare kebaya encim.. Buuuutt.. Becoz of my rudeness, i rip my kebaya!! Huhuhu.. My mom will fix it as good as she can.. Thanks mommy!!

And this is my kebaya..

Is it good?? O yes.. U should say it is good or ull regret!! Hohoho

Oh, btw.. Happy Idul Fitrii.. I'm sorry for the very late posting.. Hihi..

Minal Aidin Wal Faizin.. *chup!



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Friday, August 26, 2011

Office madness 

Today is the last day we work before we celebrate ied and take very long holiday!! Yippiee!!

We didnt work all day long.. All we do is going to itc ambasador, shopping, playing games, singing, and definitely taking photo! :p

In my cubicle, there are 4 (pretty) women and 1 (crazy) man.. Please forgive me pak surip.. Hehe.. Pak Surip and Mba Sherry take annual leave for their mudik.. Sooo, here we are! The unmarried woman in the cubicle!! Me, Nennis, and Nitya.. Jeng jeng jeng jeeeng!! Enjoy!

Sorry mba sherry, we ruin ur table! Hahaha

Happy Holiday pals!! *deep kiss and hug*



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